Mini Retro Arcade Console - 156 Classic Games

Mini Retro Arcade Console - 156 Classic Games

Mini Retro Arcade Console - 156 Classic Games

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  • RECHARGEABLE LONG TIME STAND BY - 700 mAh Li-ion battery ensures a long playing time,4 hours standing by
  • PLAY ON THE BIG TV SCREEN - You can easily connect the AV cable to your TV screen. it will be totally different experience to play on the big screen, and parents can enjoy the happy family time with kids 
  • 156 GAMES - 156 classic retro games.  7 main menus include 25 relaxing games, 18 sports games, 28 table games, 20 adventure games,  31 action games, 37 puzzle games, and 41 educational games.

Package includes:

Game console
AC cable
USB cable
Lithium battery

    Games list:

    Super Streetfight 2  Streets of Rage 3 XMEN
    Smurfs Ninja Turtles Strider 2
    Raiden Trad Battle Mania Bad Omen
    Sonic 3D Air Buster Arch Rivals
    Super Skidmarks Dj Boy Golden Axe
    Sonic and Knuckles Heavy Unit Herzog Zwei
    Mighty Morphin Dino Land Monopoly
    Revenge of Shinobi Marble Madness Magic Girl
    Tekken Special 3 Faery Tale Adventure Eswat
    RistarCannon Fodder Hockey League Dark Castle
    Psycho Pinball Pyramid Magic Shove it
    Férias Frustradas do Pica-Pau Little Mermaid Doraemon
    Fun Car Rally Mortal Kombat Dragon Ball
    Ecco Gunstar Heroes Strider
    Dream Team USA Brian Cricket Beauty and the Beast
    Draxos Shinobi 3 Dragon's Revenge
    Desert Strike Chakan Forever Man Adams Family
    Cosmic Spacehead Toys Sword of Vermilion
    Chuck Rock 2: Son of Chuck Wani Wani World Golden Axe 2
    Man Overboard Ju Ju Densetsu SpiderMan
    El Viento Arrow Flash Kujaku OU 2
    Mean Bean Machine Bonanza Bros Cross Fire
    Batman Revenge Phelios Fatman
    DARWIN 4081 Super Funhouse Junction
    Crack Down The Desert Inspector X
    Captain Planet Roloto the Rescue Fantastic Dizzy
    California Games Air Diver Alex Kiddo Enchanted 
    Cadash Paddle Fighter Pyramid Magic 2
    Woogie Bowling Super Volleyball Fatal Labyrinth
    Bimini Run World Cup Soccer Tetris
    Bible Adventures Block Out Art Alive
    Battletoads Zuma Bubbles Hexagonos 
    and much more!
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